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Intuitive eating

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Intuitive eating

Reject diets mentally if you want to change your eating habits but keep thinking about the quick fix that limit your quantity and variety in food you prevent yourself from intuitive eating and from being free

Honour your hunger as biological signal to rebuild trust in yourself and food make peace with food start noticing what happens when you overeat and probably feel guilty afterwards start observing your inner policeman who this is chasing you with hopeless and destructive phrases but instead learn to respect when you feel full, starting to recognise the signs in your body that are telling you have eaten enough discovering the satisfaction factor

The Japanese have the wisdom to promote pleasure as one of their goal of their healthy living but in our fury to be lean and healthy we overlook this

Honour your feelings without using food find ways to conform yourself, instead of trying to solve problems using food. Examples can be

I feel anxious I use my yoga breathing

I feel lonely use it as a moment of silence, meditate and create space for your emotions in my yoga sessions I teach how to use these moments to connect with your true and to expand your capacity to hold your worries and your ability to solve your problems.

Get excited about your wellbeing journey, writing about your emotions scream if you have to ask yourself if you are ready to replace your emotions food is not going to solve the problem but you can deal with the source of emotions, respect your body learn how to love it to succeed in the journey get active but don’t overdue exercise just welcome the sensation just focus on how you feel afterwards the same with food eat what makes you feel well concentrate on progress and not perfection.

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