Passionate About Helping Others

I am also a yoga therapist, passionate about transformational processes that can help other people to develop a deeper connection with themselves. 

I take pride to say that I base my work on my personal experience, considering it a gift to share with others. I originally come from a country where beauty is all about your the external look,  I have tried quick fix diets several times throughout my life, and never succeeded to keep the weight off for a long period of time. 

Thinking that I was lacking willpower, self-discipline, not just developing a bad relationship with myself but also with food. The process repeated itself many times, before always leading me to create my own exercise and diet plan, based on my honest desire to detox myself emotionally, removing self-criticism and social life pressure from others.  


I become a coach as a natural progression from my yoga teaching when noticing that my students saw me as someone able to listen to their problems so I felt the need to acquire more tools to help others. I later specialised on psychology eating, learning that willpower and discipline sometimes have nothing to do with your ability to loose weight. I learnt bringing your own awareness on when and why you eat, develops a far more effective and sustainable way for weight loose.